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David Matsumoto’s blog: Adaptation to Deception

  October 3rd 2017 It seems intuitive that lying gets easier the more we do it, but that may actually be supported at the neurological level! New research found that, when we lie frequently, our brain begins to adapt to the practice of deception, to the point that we no longer feel the emotional stress […]

David Matsumoto’s blog: Common Misconceptions about Microexpressions Part 1

  August 28th 2017 Think you know everything about microexpressions? Take a look at our list of common microexpression misconceptions: 1) Seeing a microexpression automatically means that a person is lying Microexpressions occur when people are trying to conceal their emotions, most often in high stakes situations. When you see a microexpression, don’t automatically assume […]

David Matsumoto’s blog: Facial Expressions not Universal? The study and its flaws…

  There have been several recent news articles that suggest facial expressions of emotion are not universal. In a past blog, Dr. Matsumoto sites his retort to a study entitled Cultural Confusions Show Facial Expressions Are Not Universal where researcher Rachael Jack and her colleagues challenged 100s of studies documenting the universality of facial expressions. […]